Here at it is guessed that the fanciful ebook formatted style that's loaded with artistry will, in time, win out over the simply plain ebook formatted style as the standard norm.  A comparison, might be the outcome that occurred behind the black & white tv and the color tv encounterment, with the color-tv, at-end, taking charge as the nominal standard, victor or commonality while also being enhanced with loads of ongoing complementary support. offers ebook formatting of manuscripts, which are Novel, Young Adult Fiction, Large-Print Recipe, and Large-Print Children, as well as short-story book material, into ePub , MOBI , and PDF EBOOKS.  What does not currently offer is EBOOK COVERS.  However, there's an area where links to some ebook cover makers may be found located within a section of the homepage right below the click for samples option.  Just click the 'Off to WHEW!-Links Cover-Art Plus' button that leads to those participating webites. does not offer proofreading, publishing, distribution, nor does offer ebook promotion at the current time.  But the ebooks that does prepare, are offered with headings' text and body text as searchable.  Currently, only accepts pertinent documents in digital form.

Upon completion of the ebook formatting tasks, the client will recieve an ePub , a  MOBI , and a PDF as standard.  During the formatting planning stages, the client inclusively has the option to request a SAMPLE 'ONE' Chapter ePub and MOBI to be made at their request as prior to order check-out time.  The adjoining SAMPLE ebooks are free with every order.  Some authors like to provide readers with a teaser or a snippet of their book as to get regular or potential readers more interested in the author's most recent work as well as to promote their work.  So has taken that into consideration as well as the likelihood that such  desires exists--and so has included the free service and option with every pertinent order.

Additionally with every Novel or Young Adult Fiction 'Color-by-Graphics' ebook order, two free Plain Text black & white formatted ebooks are to be received by the client from, should the client choose to request them (ePub & MOBI).  Some e-readers or handlers of the author's compiled work--which is in color along with perhaps extensive internal graphics-work--may not support the color / graphics additions.  As some e-reader devices or e-reader apps will support the additions while there are, still, others that don't, can't, or won't; but inclusively, it could perhaps be just simply a matter of current user or handler preferences.    The Novel and the Young Adult Fiction 'Color-by-Graphics' Chapter SAMPLE ebooks that were requested by the client at order-placement time--also includes Plain Text Chapter SAMPLE black & white formatted ebooks of them (ePub & MOBI) which the client, by their choosing, receives at no extra cost as well.

'Color-by-Graphics' ebooks at, are ePubs and MOBIs that have included within them extensive or enhancing colorization and/or illustrations/graphics which hopefully should help-out a common manuscript expressively.  EPUB is an abbreviated term, but identifies a common formation which is a compilation of an author work such as data or texts at which completed and technical stage or point have been made to suit compatibly within the framework of many e-reader devices or e-reader apps that are available.  MOBI is an abbreviated term unique in its identity which generally does the exact same, but handles data slightly different for technical system and hardware support by specifically, yet, another version of e-reader device or e-reader app that's available.

Large-Print Recipe books and Large-Print Children's books made by are by their existence design intended to be large-print, color and graphics oriented.  So simplicity plain normal print black & white Recipe and Children's formatted ebooks are not currently offered by  But added to what eBookBeget is situated and prepared to format includes Poetry as yet, another type book material that has an interest in formatting.

Plain Text formatted ebooks, come with large, medium, and/or small text Chapter headings in plain, bold, or italic, and they also come with images such as jpegs or pngs.  Currently, there is no limit on the number of images that an ebook made by can have provided the ebook's size does not exceed 8.9 megs., which is preferred though not a necessity limit.

Plain Text formatted ebooks are priced slightly less than the 'Color-by-Graphics' ebooks are priced.  But 'Color-by-Graphics' ebook orders receive free Plain Text black and white formatted ebooks as previously described, though the client would have to request them at the time of placing their initial 'Color-by-Graphics' order.  'Color-by-Graphics' orders (Novel & Young Adult Fiction) also include Plain Text  black and white SAMPLE Chapter ebooks that are free--but similarly the client would have to request them while requesting their free 'Color-by-Graphics' SAMPLE Chapter ebooks at the time of placing their initial order as well.

Still, client orders of the slightly less expensive Plain Text black and white formatted ebook style, receive free SAMPLE Chapter ebooks just the same.  And they include a SAMPLE Chapter in ePub and in MOBI as added to what the client receives from

E-books made by have a 'Table of Contents' and the author/client can have virtually anything listed in that 'Table of Contents' that they want, including information about the availability of their ebook--such as where the color version of their work can be found, or where the black & white version of their work can be found.  And that information can be put near the very top of the 'Table of Contents' as initially that's where many readers or potentially interested readers probably begin.  And that same information can be put in the SAMPLE Chapter ebooks as well.  The preceding type information may also be appropriate to put in the posted BOOK DESCRIPTION or in the posted SYNOPSIS in being two areas that directly pertains the author's work.

Currently, mainly uses in the task of formatting text--Arial fonts in ebooks.  E-Readers in general may, continually, have the tendency to adjust the fonts or simply to change the fonts to suit their e-reader design.  Commonly, it may also be that many e-reader devices or e-reader apps have no technical problem with changing Arial fonts to Times New Roman or vice-versa, or with changing Arial fonts to Courier or vice-versa.  But more complex fonts may not so easily be manipulated by the e-reader devices or the e-reader apps that are in use.  So, for the time being does not currently offer embedding of special fonts in clients' ebooks.

Here at when the layout formatting of an ebook has been completed, the client will receive a PDF from  The PDF includes the detail appearance that the ePub and the MOBI will have.  Once the PDF is approved by the client, will then begin preparing the ePub(s) and the MOBI(s) to be sent to the client via E-MAIL. has made for browser access, an area within this website where ebook formatted styles can be viewed.  It is the SAMPLES AREA, where any visitor can always imaginably apply their own artistic take, tones or ideas within any of the samples that are presented there--if they like--within the visitor's reach to perhaps get a general idea of how their artistry might fit within any of the sample(s') schemes or within their own design schemes for that matter.

Still does offer some mode of true custom formatting; so please e-mail any inquiry regarding custom formatting.  But as long as any artistry of the client's doesn't go a great length or deal outside of the boundaries / possibilities of the provided samples that are in the SAMPLES AREA, then slated custom formatting can or should, quite, likely be avoided.

Some color-coordinated schemes that the client may choose to have included in their ebook, may also be suitable to be color inverted for night-time reading.  Once the client has decided on the colors that are to be included in their ebook, the client can at that time decide if they want those colors to also be inverted for night-time reading.  Meaning that--the client receives, yet, another formatted ebook from  To learn whether or not the color scheme that a client has chosen for their 'Color-by-Graphics' ebook is suitable for color inversion for night-time reading, all the client has to do is access an image editor program that the client may already have in their possession.  Next, assemble the exact color combination that was chosen (inclusive with some hypothetical text) into an image.  And finally, just simply invert the image by use of the editor's invert function.

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